Different Types of Car Seat

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Whenever you go baby shopping or are making a list for the baby shopping, do not forget to add infant car seat. Car seats are one of the most important and high priority item that should be on the check list you make for baby shopping. There are so many different kinds of baby car seats available in the market but your priority always should be to buy the safest possible variant of children’s’ car seats. If safety is not the top priority then you need to reconsider it and know there are a lot things from which a safe baby seat can protect your baby from. There are several different kinds of baby car seats. Here we will try to elaborate on the three major kinds this elaboration will help you in choosing the one that you want for your child. Following are the three different kinds of baby car seat you should know about. Do your research thoroughly and then come to a conclusion as it is the safety of your child which depends on your decisions. Now without any further delay let us move on to the different kinds of baby car seats.

Infant Car Seats

pTRU1-19406761enh-z6The purpose of having a car seat is the safe transportation of your baby from once place to another. The infant car seat is very specifically designed for infants basically for babies that are newborns up till they reach two years of age. The infant car seats are designed in such a way that they are to be placed in the car rear faced and that is why they are also known as rear facing infant car seats. The life span of infant car seats is actually quite variable and is solely dependent on the growth of your baby. They either last as little as six months or as long as two years. Once your baby crosses two year mark you may have to switch from infant car seat to another one. If you are concerned about the safety factor then do know that all the car seats are first tested and then released into the market so safety should not be an issue for you.

Convertible Car Seats

The next review is the Disney APT convertible car seat review. These car seats can last for longer period of time basically from the time of the birth till the time that your baby no longer requires a car seat. If you are on a budget then convertible car seat will prove to be more resilient and longer lasting than its other counterparts. The downside of convertible car seat is that it cannot be removed and if your baby falls asleep during the ride you will have to carry the baby inside which may disturb the sleep of your baby. But other than that there are no downsides of having convertible car seats.

Booster Car Seats

The booster car seat tends to have its inbuilt harnesses and buckles. The good thing is that they are front facing and good for keeping an eye on your toddler while they are in the back of the car.

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Parenting 101: Parenting Tips for New Parents

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For the new parents who are having a hard time in keeping up with their social life and taking care of their newborn baby, we will be giving you some parenting tips in order for you to stay calm. Parenting is a full time job and require sacrifices on the part of both the parents. It can be very frustrating at times with all the attention that a baby requires. It can be very daunting for the new parents as they do not know how to work their way around it and how to bring balance back to their lives. Staying up all night to tend to the baby in the first few months is completely normal. However it may take a toll on you and that is why this guide will tell you how to go about caring for your baby and most importantly for yourself, if you are not handling life well enough then taking care of your baby will be the most difficult thing in the world. Here are some of the tips and tricks that you should follow religiously, they will help you embrace parenthood and make you appreciate little things in life.

Look After Yourself

mother-sitting-with-baby_v442hmThe most important task for those who are parents or expecting a baby is to look after themselves. Especially for the new mothers or the expecting mommies, take care of yourself. Preparation and taking care of the baby will consume a lot of your time but what is more important is that you are taking care of yourself.

Splitting Duties

Now the next important task is for both the spouses to take responsibility of their baby and caring of him or her. If the burden of sleepless nights fall on the mother only then it will take a toll on almost everything. So the best thing is to split the duties like if the day time duties are for mother one day the night time will be allocated to father. This way taking care of the baby is a lot easier than you can imagine. It will take half of your problems away.

Give Time to Yourself

We get it that babies tend to consume most of the time of both the parents but the thing that it takes away from them is their freedom and personal time that both the parents should have. Taking time off parenting is quite impossible for many but what you can do is leave the child with someone who you trust and will be able to take good care of your child. For instance grandparents are a blessing when it comes to that and go on a vacation.

Spending time with your partner or your spouse will help a lot. Especially if the mother is suffering from postpartum depression then a husband’s company will do a lot of good in this case. The support of both the spouse is required and cooperation as well. If you both are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of your child then you are doing parenting right.

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