The Last of the Great Apes
  • A First in the<br/>3D Film Industry
    A First in the
    3D Film Industry
    The Last of the Great Apes film crew were first in the world
    to film Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Eastern Lowland Gorillas,
    Western Lowland Gorillas in the wild in 3D.
  • A Masterpiece of Contemporary Film Making
    A Masterpiece of Contemporary Film Making The Last of the Great Apes is a 3D filming project capturing the world’s primates in their natural habitats, documenting their plight and the deadly dangers threatening their survival.

    This amazing visual journey will be shared globally through a 3D cinema release and supporting TV series.
  • It’s Happening Now
    It’s Happening Now This real-time conservation awareness mission is being shot, right now,
    at locations around the globe.

    Share in our journey by following the vibrant young Holly Carroll,
    to find out exactly where the crew are now and share their
    experiences as they happen.

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It's a race against time to alert the world
to the shocking decline of our Great Ape
cousins. Help get the message out. Support
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Meet Holly

Passionate Conservationist, Holly Carroll,
has found her mission in life. Taking on
the poachers, animal smugglers and
loggers, Holly has embarked on a
hazardous exploration journey
to expose the plight of the
last of the Great Apes.
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Floria, USA 2nd October 2012

In my own back yard (Part 1)

We did most of our filming in Africa and Asia to highlight the great apes and the threats to their survival. But I was shocked to recently learn that some of the most horrific and insidious threats to the welfare of the great apes are happening in my own country, ... Follow Holly